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How I Motivated Myself To Finally ACT On My Ideas

We will start by looking at three different scenarios of lack of motivation. Then, I will give you a real, concrete and yet simple trick to make yourself get off your rear and start getting things done!

However, it is really important that you understand the 3 scenarios before I share the technique I used myself. I wouldn’t advise skipping through this post if you want to get the full benefit of it!

Got it? Let’s start!

You have no motivation and no motivator (first scenario)

You are a either a student or the typical lad who works a 9 to 5 job you don’t enjoy. This makes you unhappy. You want to change it.

Then you decide to start a business, or do freelance work instead. You know this has quite some big advantages: you’ll work the hours you want, sleep late on a Monday morning if you feel like it, and get paid for exactly the work you do.

You would enjoy what you do, because it is your passion and your own decision to do what you’re doing. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you know you will enjoy the freedom you never had in your life before.

BUT doing freelance work is hard. There is no one there to motivate you, to tell you exactly what to do this month, this week, this day, this moment in order to earn your monthly paycheck.

AND starting a business seems even harder! Let’s say you have an idea for a great piece of software that would fill a gap in the market. You know the demand for this is huge.

But how could you possibly do it? You’re not a computer programmer nor a tech savvy! You don’t know much about using technology, and you’ve never really been that good at it.

All you have is your idea. And it would take years, maybe tens of years before you acquired the necessary skills to even be able to start working on it. So you don’t do anything. You just give it up.

A strong motivator suddenly appears! (second scenario)

Now let’s say you meet someone at a pub. This guy heard about your business idea.

He says you have 90 days to get that software done and make your first sale, OR he will slaughter each and every member of your family if you don’t.

Every 30 days, he sends you a reminder to let you know of your progress, and how much time you have left before he comes back to finish the job.

What effect would this have on your perception of the world? On what’s possible and what’s not?

Now forget about that and let’s say you’re a smoker (third scenario)

You’ve been smoking for over 20 years now, and no matter what you tried, no matter what quit-smoking-savvy-product you bought, you were not able to quit.

And now, after 20 years of trying to quit, let’s say you bump into a mysterious guy on your way home on a Tuesday midnight.

Fight Club Human Sacrifice

All of a sudden he punches you in the stomach and the pain makes you kneel, leaving you unable to breathe. He puts a gun to your head. He tells you that you are going to die today. „What are your last words?” he asks.

At this point, you’re probably begging for your life. I would, you would, most people would. He tells you he is going to spare your life, BUT you have to quit smoking.

He will keep an eye on you from now on, and if you EVER smoke again, he WILL come back to finish the job. Of course you agree and go back home, frightened and unable to sleep because of what happened.

How does this impact you and the way you think? Does the thought of death change anything?

Let’s analyze the 3 scenarios

The first scenario is really common. A lot of people lack the motivation they need to just get out of bed and do something to change what they don’t like about their lives.

What happens when a strong motivator (the 90 days deadline to start your business) appears?

The first thing you’d probably do is search the hell out of Google and read everything you can on the subject.

You would then hire the programmers you need, but not before doing all the research necessary to get the best quality for the best price. You would go out of your way and do what you would normally see as IMPOSSIBLE to get that product on the market.

Now, you have a powerful motivation to act. Your vision and perception of what’s possible and what’s not changes drastically. It’s pretty clear now that you don’t need all those years you thought you need to put your idea to work, isn’t it?

The third scenario is a variation of the second. Quitting smoking seems like a simple task once you actually feel a true, as real as it gets reason to do it, right?

My dad is a living example of this. He used to smoke 2 packets of cigarettes (40 of them, yes) daily. Until one day. When I was only 7 years old, he got ill.

The doctors told him he would certainly die unless he quits smoking and other habits that were bad for his health. Now shit just got real. Life was on the line.

Since that moment, he did not want to hear about cigarettes ONCE. He made my mom quit smoking as well. He still does not feel ANY need to smoke and hates it when the people around him do.

THIS is the Real Effect of how a really strong motivator (death, in this case) can have an extreme impact on our lives and on the way we see and appreciate what we have.

The 3 scenarios show that this motivation technique can be applied to a variety of problems: be it starting your own business or quitting smoking and other bad habits.

These scenarios suck, Andrei. These things only happen in movies!

Alright, let’s see just how real they are and to what extent they apply to your own life Right Now.

Since you’re still reading this, there most likely is something about your life that you hate and want to change. Let’s suppose for a second that you hate your job, and can’t find the motivation to start making money by yourself.

Then, I ask, what happens if you don’t even try? If you don’t just take that first step and ACT for once!? You’ll be stuck with your job for the rest of your life.

Having a boss. Being dependant on others. Being a modern slave. Not being able to provide real value to the society by yourself. Always needing others to do the tough part for you.

Is this really what you want? Because if you don’t ACT and do something about it, your job IS where you’ll be stuck for the rest of your life.

And to me, that isn’t all that far away from death, is it? There is a great saying that reflects this:

Most people die in their 20s. However, they don’t get buried until they’re in their 80s.

Suddenly, the above scenarios aren’t so unreal and impossible, are they?

The Technique

It’s an imagination exercise.

Whenever you want a fast, strong motivator, simply imagine and make your mind believe you are ACTUALLY facing one of these three scenarios. A real threat to your life or to something you truly care about appears. And you are going to lose that precious thing unless you act.

If you do this right, you will give yourself no choice but to get off your rear and get things done!

This is a really simple yet strong technique! It might sound stupid or silly, but it works. I’ve tried it, and it worked for me.

Try it yourself and do leave a comment below to tell me what results you get! I will read and answer each and every one of them!

Now go put this motivation technique to good use!

And Remember! It doesn’t matter how you start, it doesn’t matter where you start. It doesn’t matter if you fail! Because you WILL fail when you do something for the first time anyway. So why postpone the inevitable!?

The truly important thing is that you DO start somewhere!

The best moment to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The second best moment is now.

And since we’re finished, let me suggest you start by entering your e-mail address in the box below. This will get you direct access inside our private community of motivated people. We will constantly send you great articles like this one to make sure you stay focused and act on your ideas!