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5 Body Language Adjustments That Will
Instantly Boost Your Confidence

There is a very popular study that showed how only 7% of our communication comes from the actual words we speak. The rest is body language and tonality. 93% of the message we send! Body Language and Tonality! That is huge!

Correcting your body language will also greatly improve your confidence and, basically, it will make you feel like a boss.

These are some simple to apply tips that will get you awesome results, fast. If you apply these, you will definitely notice a change in your daily interactions with everyone: be they your boss, lover or friends.

1. Posture

Confident Body Language

Take a look in the mirror and observe your posture. Are your back, neck and head aligned in a vertical straight line? Are your hands naturally aligned with your body?

Is your head facing forwards, and do your neck and chin form a 90 degree angle? Are you looking straight ahead, into the distance?

2. Position of feet

Your feet should usually be facing a little outwards at most. You should never have your feet pointing to the inside or too much to the outside.

If you find it uncomfortable to keep your feet in a correct position, it might be a sign you’ve been making this mistake for a while. And that is why the new position now feels unnatural for your body and muscles. They’re not used to it.

Practice the new, correct position until it becomes natural.

3. Hands should move naturally

When you walk, your hands should draw a natural moving motion alongside your body. Never keep your hands rigid and in the same place. Just forget about them and let them synchronize with the rest of your body.

When you walk through crowds, it is often a great exercise to avoid clashing with others by using your hands to suggest the direction you’re going – or to suggest the direction the person in front of you should be going to avoid a clash.

We’re talking small movements that you might think don’t do much, but the very small signs that you make with your hands communicate way more than you might think.

Super ninja tip: NEVER keep your hands in your pockets! It makes it look like you’re a turtle hiding into its carapace, scared of the world around you.

The only one time when you should keep your hands in your pockets is when you’re absolutely freezing. Rest of the time, keep them out. Don’t be a pussy!

It will feel unnatural at first, but the results are awesome and fast to come!

4. Sight

Always look straight ahead and into the horizon. It can help to pinpoint an object in the distance and fix it with your sight. The only moment when you should look down is if you think you’re going to trip. Otherwise, keep your head up straight and look ahead!

One of the best exercises you can do to boost your confidence and feel more relaxed when walking is to make eye contact with people while you go past them.

Never be the one to break eye contact! As everything else, if you haven’t done this before, it will seem awkward at first. But the awkwardness is a good sign! It means you’re doing it right. And soon this will become incredibly natural to do as well.

What you’ll notice is that most (unconfident) people will not even try to make eye contact. And if they do, they simply have no idea what to do with it afterwards.

They will either start looking at something else all of a sudden and try to make it look as if they never noticed you, or they will keep the contact for too long and in a very serious manner. It might almost seem like a threat, when they should really see this like a fun little social game everyone plays.

This serious attitude is normal in people and most of the time is a result of their lack of confidence. You can easily disarm it with a smile :)

It is incredible how powerful this eye contact game is!

You can change a person’s mood drastically and literally change their day for the better just by looking them in the eye and giving them a nice, genuine smile in return.

I also wink sometimes, because it’s really natural for me to do it and people love it. When someone keeps eye contact long enough and I wink, they usually give me a large smile and almost burst in a laugh. A good laugh, that is!

5. Gesture when you speak

Again, this should come naturally. Keep your hands in the correct and natural position, aligned with your body. Only use them to gesture when you speak.

You should check out this video to see exactly how and when the guys from Simple Pickup gesture. They are masters of it. Also look to observe their posture, where they look and how they walk. Here’s the video:

To the finish line!

These changes are very easy to implement for anyone. You have no excuse not to try. Next time you go out for a walk, get your amazing body language skills out there like you just learned. Notice how your interactions with everyone change!

Then, I want you to come back and leave a comment to let me know how it worked for you! Also, I would really appreciate it if you shared this article with just one friend you know keeps his hands in his pockets all the time! I’m sure he’ll be grateful to you for it :)

Image source: The Dating Specialist.