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About Andrei Atudorei Thank you for reading my e-mail and following through to my website! I am so glad to have you here :)

My name is Andrei Atudorei and I’m an SEO copywriter based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

I’m passionate about writing and I love creating quality content that people love to read and search engines love to crawl.

I work with SEO companies from around the world, providing them with copy for their clients’ and also their own websites.

6 Honest Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

1. My experience as a blogger

I’ve been a blogger for almost three years now and I know what it’s like to look for good, qualitative content that arouses traffic, converts readers into subscribers, generates sales and ranks high in SERPs.

I love creating valuable content that genuinely helps readers, and I want to offer my services to you because I know you can put this content into the right hands.

2. I am a good researcher and write on a wide variety of topics

I have often been requested to write on subjects I haven’t actually heard about before. I’ve developed good researching skills as a consequence, and am able to write on a wide variety of topics.

Moreover, my writing on many different subjects has also developed my ability to write with a wide range of tones. Does your client need a motivational, enthusiastic piece? Or is it more of a formal, informational thing?

No matter what your clients’ needs are, you will have a quality article on any topic that’s out there. Please visit my writing samples page to check out some of my articles, or contact me and I will gladly show you some of my more recent pieces.

3. My timetable is flexible because I don’t have a full time job

This guarantees that I will almost always be able to deliver your requested content in a timely manner. As a student with just 10 hours of lectures on a busy week, I am free to schedule my own timetable according to your needs and agreed deadlines.

4. I prefer long-term relationships over one-time assignments

Which is why I offer better rates for recurring work. This is mutually beneficial to us because it allows me to better learn the needs of your clients and adapt my style accordingly, which means better quality content at a smaller cost on your side.

The quality of my articles will keep getting better as we work together, which means more satisfied customers and less editing needed before we get to the end product.

5. I provide unlimited edits until you’re satisfied

This is my satisfaction guarantee. If I ever send you an article that you don’t like or don’t feel it lives up to expectation, I will edit it as many times as needed until we get it right.

If there’s no time for that, I will not charge you for the piece. I don’t want you to pay me for work you’re not completely satisfied with.

6. I will write the first article for you for free

This is to prove my skill and ability to write to your standards. All I ask for in exchange for our first 500-word piece is an honest opinion from you. This is just one short sentence I will ask you to send back after my first assignment is finished, with your sincere thoughts about my work.

It can range all the way from “Thanks Andrei, this is really amazing work!” to “This was quite crappy work Andrei, we didn’t like it. We are not a good fit for each other.”

No matter how harsh the feedback, there will be no hard feelings – and the article will be yours to use anyway. I won’t waste your time (or money) with any work you won’t genuinely like.

What do you say?

Thank you for reading my offer! If you’re ready to give our working together a risk-free chance, or have any other questions, please contact me and I will respond promptly.

If you want to find out more first, you can read more about me and check out my rates, or read some of my writing samples. I look forward to speaking with you!